About us

Our new, modern facility has the latest in dental equipment. Our dentists and staff are very well informed and highly experienced in providing the latest dental services and procedures.

Our Offices

Dundas Dental Centre
29C Dundas St East Mississauga, ON L5A 1V9
Tel: (905) 281.0273

Bovaird Dental Centre
12-10025 Hurontario St Brampton, ON L6Z 0E6
Tel: (905) 846.9929

New Patient

We always welcome new patients and cater to the entire family. If you trust us with your dental health, you will be treated to an experience that will make you confident that you made the right choice. Upon your first visit we will review your dental history and needs to create a treatment plan that satisfies your needs and wants.


Our Services

Our services include..

  • General services for the family
    General services for the family Our office provides services to the entire family. Tooth decay and gum disease…
  • Cosmetic dentistry
    Cosmetic dentistry Our smile can deteriorate over time, often due to our genetics, natural course of aging, an…
  • Endodontic treatment
    Endodontic treatment There may come a time in your life when a root canal will be necessary to…
  • Restorative dentistry
    Restorative dentistry Our experienced dentists offer a broad range of restorative treatment options designed to improve both the cosmetic…
  • Orthodontics
    Orthodontics Orthodontic treatments often are assumed to only treat for cosmetic purposes however, this technique can provide more than…
  • Dental implants
    Dental implants Dental implants are known as the gold standard for the replacement for missing teeth. As we age,…
  • Wisdom teeth removal
    Wisdom teeth removal Removing wisdom teeth or extracting irreparably damaged or diseased teeth are two of the many procedures…
  • Denture therapy
    Dentures are artificial teeth used to fill in the spaces created by missing teeth. Aside from aesthetic appearance, dentures…
  • Laser dentistry
    Laser dentistry The laser is one of the most sophisticated, precise and minimally invasive tools in dentistry. In many…

Our Products

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